Friday, 18 July 2014

A sling bag story | India Circus

Hi guys!!

                                                              Bags are like friends...
                                                      You can never have too many!!                  

If you agree with me on the above quote, then surely you are going to enjoy this post...and if not then this post will make you believe on that quote lol :D

Before I start the review of the beauty that I bought recently...I have a little story to tell...story of my craziness for this bag! Here it goes...

I saw this sling bag on indiacircus in March while browsing the site (my current fav.) and it was love at first site with this design. Honestly saying I had no thought of  buying a sling bag that time but this beautiful print named 'Garden of ShangriLa' just melted my heart and I could not resist buying it. But to my bad luck I didn't order the bag on the same day. And when I opened the site next day to place the order...guess whattt? Yeah right! It was OUT OF STOCK! Like any other shopaholic the only thought that came to my mind was "Why this happens to me every time! I want it right now!" But I knew, I have to wait till they get it re-stocked. I kept sending them messages on their facebook and instagram page to get it re-stock and let me tell you their team is so nice that they replied back every time. Finally after 2 and a half months of  wait, it was in my hands :) (I could hear the violin in the background lol!!)

Now coming to the review...
Since this is just a review for the bag that I bought and not a site review hence I will directly come to the product...

Beautiful print 'Garden of ShangriLa'

Name of the bag:
Garden of ShangriLa sling bag. Yes this is really interesting that they have names for all their prints/products. Also they have different themes for products in each catagory.

It is available at indiacircus by Krsna Mehta.

About the product: (as mentioned on the site)
This sling bag is exquisitely designed and represents what would be a paradise on earth. With it's lush colours and fabulous imagery, this bag will add that magic to your style.

 About the collection: (as mentioned on the site)
Tamara references India's extremely rich and diverse visual treasure of flora and foliage. Inspired by nature, the collection offers a bright and contemporary take on the Indian landscape. With various visually stimulating designs that lead the eye over its intricate details and patterns, Tamara has bountiful ornamentation for you, and your home!

Cost: Rs 699

Has a plain colored back

Material: Canvas

Dimension: 11'' x 8.5''

And not to forget the cute care instruction mentioned on the site: Needs love and some love. Interesting...isn't it?

My take on the product:
I just love this sling bag...kind of obsessed with it because....
1) Beautiful print it favorite animal deer, pink flowers and the whole paradise/garden kind of look it has.
2) Quality of the print... it has perfect finishing which can be hard to find otherwise on a canvas bag.
3) These days I am using it almost everyday and must say it is so sturdy.
4) Spacious...has two separate compartments. For a girl like me who carries the whole world in her bag, this is a perfect casual sling bag to carry.
5) Goes well with both western and ethnic wear.
6) Neat and even stitching.
7) Good quality zipper.

Bigger compartment...quite spacious!
Second/front compartment

The only point which may bother some girls is has no adjustable strap. But that is not a problem for me...the length of the strap is perfect for me :)

Has a unique stitching pattern for the strap, both ends of the strap are stitched on parallel sides of the bag.

Has their brand and designer name printed down below

And once again the print that made me fall in love with this sling bag!

Overall it is value for money! A must buy!
So guys did you like it?

Have you guys ever done shopping from indiacircus? Whats your favorite product from their collection?
By the way I adore their cushion covers!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Nivea Lip Butter- Raspberry Rose review

Hi guys!

I know I have not blogged since a long time but huge thanks to all my readers who appreciated my blog and waited patiently for a blog post! Last two months were really busy for me...but anyways I promise friends that now on wards I will be regular with my posts :)

Here I am with another review today...its the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry rose!

So first let me confess something...any company/product that says "RASPBERRY" can sell me anything. Yup! I am a great fan of raspberry fragrance (not the fruit though). But don't worry my reviews are never affected by that fact. For me the quality and performance counts more.

So now coming to the product...

In India Nivea has launched two variants of these lip butters ie., Raspberry rose and Caramel cream. They also have a third one which is Vanilla and Macadamia but that is not available in India though. So me being a raspberry lover (I purposely neglected the rose part lol!!) chose the first one.....


MRP is Rs.189 but when I bought this there was a Rs.30 discount on it so got it for Rs.159..ahh a lil maths lol!!!


Got mine from Spencers....but you can get it easily at any super-market, grocery/medical store and even you can buy it online.

My experience:

So what Nivea claims is that it contains shea butter and almond oil which are both good for moisturizing and keeping the lips smooth.
It has light pink/pale rose color which actually reminds me of rose flavored milk :) But the color of the butter doesn't get transferred to lips when applied evenly...a thick layer may leave a white cast.

The great thing is you just need a tiny quantity of this for single use and you are done. So surely this will last for a really long time. It gives a sheen to the lips initially when applied and later when it is soaked up by lips (unlike other lip butters/lip balms which just sit on lips and are sticky sticky ughhh), gives them silky and soft finish. The best part is it has a non-greasy finish which makes it a good base to be used with your matte lipsticks.

Although it comes in a cute little pink tin but that is a concern on hygiene part obviously. Make sure to clean your fingers before using it since you will have to dip directly into the product/tin for applying it...Otherwise the packaging is quite travel friendly.

Now coming to its has a fresh raspberry smell (I can sniff it all day long) with a mild rose fragrance...and it smells heaven ummmm!!

Performance wise its a winner. Its lasting power is quite long and even when worn off, it leaves my lips hydrated and smoother.

Overall its a product worth trying...Beware! you may get addicted to this ;)

MAM score:

4.5/5 (-0.5 for hygiene concerns)

Will I repurchase it?

Yes...not only for its hydrating/moisturizing quality but also because it acts as a great base for my matte lipsticks.

Will you give it a try? Which is your favorite lip butter?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish in 060 Hot & Spicy

 A big Hellooooo to everyone!

Yes I am back after a longggg gap. Actually I am out of Gurgaon for some personal reason...and will be back to my millennium city real soon! But meanwhile you can always be in touch with me through facebook and instagram

So gals its summer time...time for lots of light, bright and neon colors. And here I am to review one such beautiful shade of nail paint from Rimmel London named 060 Hot & Spicy.

Price- Rs.125


About the shade-

Its a beautiful coral/orange shade with a hint of red in it. Beautiful shade for summers and will suit all Indian skin tones. For even finish, two coats are required and you are done!

The texture is bit on thicker side but it dries pretty fast and gives a glossy finish.

For this price of Rs 125, I am happy with its performance :) And must say the color is so refreshing and vibrant that you will surely get compliments on its application, as I got :D

Now we come to an important  issue of staying power, which is quite average. It starts chipping in 2-3 days. But with the kind of quality, price and lovely shade it has...its a decent buy for me!

Will I repurchase it?

Yes, its a decent option with a pretty coral shade!

MAM Rating: 3.8/5

Are you a fan of coral shades too?